Gated Golf Communities Daytona Beach

Thinking of Retiring to a Gated Golf Community near Daytona Beach, FL? Put Cypress Lakes on Your List of Possibilities

There are many benefits to living in one of Florida’s gated golf communities that go beyond the convenience of having a golf course right in your neighborhood. For golfers who like to hit the links as often as weather and time permit, a golf community is paradise on earth. However, even the most avid golfers enjoy taking a break from the game to enjoy other adventures, especially in retirement. This is one of the biggest reasons why so many older adults look for a retirement community to call home in the Daytona Beach area, where there are so many things to do year-round.

However, the gated golf communities in the Daytona area may be out of the price range for many older adults. If you’re looking for an affordable active lifestyle in a Central Florida golf course community that’s conveniently located to theme parks, beaches, and other attractions, we invite you to expand your search parameters to include Cypress Lakes in Lakeland. At our gated golf community of high-quality manufactured homes for active adults 55 and older, you’ll enjoy easy access to our award-winning golf course as well as a full slate of resort-style amenities inside our gates. What’s more, our enviable location in the center of the state means many of Florida’s best-known attractions are only a short drive away.

No Shortage of Things to Do

At Cypress Lakes, we offer a meticulously landscaped, 36-hole golf course as well as all the facilities golfers need to fully enjoy the game. These include a well-equipped pro shop, a driving range, practice facilities, and an on-site restaurant. We also offer numerous golfing events throughout the year, allowing golfers to forge friendships with others who share their love of the game. Moreover, our beautiful clubhouse is packed with amenities that make it easy to organize group meetings and social events, and we have a wide variety of both at Cypress Lakes. Check out our newsletter to get an idea of the many events we have to offer.

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Contact us today to learn more about our beautiful manufactured homes and why Cypress Lakes is a great alternative to the gated golf communities of the Daytona Beach area.

Private Golf Communities Orlando

Where Can You Enjoy Affordable Retirement Living in a Private Golf Community near Orlando, FL? Check Out Cypress Lakes

There are many benefits to living in one of Florida’s private golf communities, especially if you plan to join your chosen community’s golfing club. Typically, your club membership will allow you to book preferred tee times and enjoy other perks that nonmembers don’t receive. Plus, you’ll be able to forge relationships with neighbors who enjoy golf as much as you do.

If you’ve been scouting for a place to call home among the private golf communities for adults 55 and older in Orlando, however, you may become discouraged as to whether you’ll be able to afford to live where you love to play. Don’t despair! There’s a beautiful golf course community near Orlando that’s owned and professionally managed by Blair Group, an award-winning developer of communities for active adults ages 55 and up. It’s called Cypress Lakes, and the 36-hole championship golf course you’ll find there has attracted rave reviews from golfers for many years. This gated and beautifully landscaped community of first-rate manufactured homes also sports a generous array of golf-related amenities, including a pro shop, a driving range, training facilities, Big Cypress Grill, and a clubhouse.

An Affordable Private Golf Community

At Cypress Lakes, we take pride in offering retirees access to a wide range of resort-style amenities in an attractive neighborhood setting that’s more affordable than many other private golf communities, especially those with site-built homes. Although many of the homes we have for sale at Cypress Lakes have the same luxury features you’d find in modern site-built homes – such as vaulted ceilings and walk-in closets – our manufactured homes typically cost significantly less than their site-built counterparts. This means our residents can spend less on housing, thus allowing them to devote more of their resources to playing golf and enjoying the full slate of activities made possible by our exceptionally well-appointed clubhouse-and-pool complex. In fact, you’ll never run out of things to do when you live at Cypress Lakes. Here are only a few of the organized activities made possible by our amenities:

  • Firecracker Scramble – Dress up in red, white, and blue; pit your golfing skills against those of your neighbors in friendly competition; and then enjoy an old-fashioned American barbecue with neighbors after the event.
  • Summer Fiesta Dance – Trip the light fantastic in our huge banquet hall at this event, one of several community-wide get-togethers that are planned throughout the year.
  • Grill Entertainment – Join your neighbors for dinner at the Big Cypress Grill accompanied by live music.

To learn more about the benefits of living in our private golf community that’s about an hour’s drive from Orlando, contact our Lifestyle Team today. We’ll also be delighted to arrange a tour of Cypress Lakes for you when you’re in the area.

Luxury Golf Communities Tampa

Luxury Manufactured Homes Make Cypress Lakes a Standout Among Golf Communities for Retirees near Tampa, FL

Is your heart set on retiring to Florida so you can enjoy the luxury of daily rounds of golf in one of the communities for adults 55 and older that has a golf course? If so, and you’re like many older adults these days, you may be wondering if your retirement savings will stretch far enough to let you live out your dream. Fortunately, there’s a 55+ community with a championship golf course located a little east of Tampa that can make your dreams come true.

It’s Cypress Lakes, a golf community of top-caliber manufactured homes – many with luxury features such as vaulted ceilings and island kitchens – that’s anchored by two meticulously maintained, 18-hole golf courses. These golf courses have been designed by top names in the field and offer challenging opportunities for novices and experienced golfers alike. What’s more, our golf course facilities include a pro shop, practice facilities, and an on-site restaurant that provides the perfect setting for celebrating after a game.

Luxury Resort-Style Amenities Add to the Joy of Living in Our Golf Community

In addition to our beautiful golf courses, Cypress Lakes boasts the kind of luxury amenities you’d expect to find in upscale golf communities. Our 30,000-square-foot clubhouse includes a banquet hall that can seat hundreds of people, and it’s perfect for hosting live performances by our residents, such as our “Laughs and Giggles” comedy skits. Some of the other activities made possible by our spacious clubhouse include:

  • Game show night – Match wits with your neighbors in a Cypress Lakes version of the Match Game.
  • Cooking Class with Paul – Think you already know how to make lasagna? Learn to create this classic dish like a master chef.
  • Firecracker Scramble – Play golf with neighbors or bring a chair and cheer them on at this or another event made possible by our community’s golf facilities.

These activities and many others will be available to you when you purchase a home in Cypress Lakes and make low monthly home site lease payments. This is a great way to enjoy an active lifestyle that rivals Florida’s luxury golf communities of site-built homes. Contact us today to learn more about Cypress Lakes and to schedule a tour when you’re in the Tampa area.

Golf Cart Communities in Florida

Getting Around by Golf Cart Makes Cypress Lakes One of the Best 55+ Communities in Florida

At Cypress Lakes, it’s not unusual for people who are visiting for the first time to admire the vast expanses of stately shade trees and luscious greenery that extend throughout our beautiful retirement community. Indeed, our idyllic setting in one of the Sunshine State’s loveliest landscapes is a huge plus for Cypress Lakes residents. However, if you’re visiting our community in Lakeland, FL, because you’re looking for a place to retire, you may wonder how convenient it is to make your way around the neighborhood and especially to our multimillion-dollar clubhouse, the heart of our community.

Fortunately, the ability to traverse our entire community by golf cart is one of the many reasons Cypress Lakes stands out among communities for adults 55 and older in Florida. Whether the luxury manufactured home you purchase is located near the clubhouse or on the other side of our verdant, 36-hole golf course, you’ll be able to reach this hive of activity quickly by golf cart if you want to – or you may choose to take your time so you can enjoy watching wildlife and communing with Mother Nature as you go.

Never a Dull Moment at the Clubhouse

Whether you go by golf cart, on foot, or in your car, you’ll definitely want to make your way to our 30,000-square-foot clubhouse complex, one of the best equipped you’ll find among 55+ communities in Florida. Here you can:

  • Take a dip in our beach-entry pool that rivals the swimming facilities of upscale resorts
  • Learn to bake lasagna in the company of neighbors during a Cooking Class with Paul
  • Participate in the Firecracker Scramble golf event or cheer on your friends as you enjoy a picnic lunch
  • Show off your dance moves at the Summer Fiesta

These are only a few of the practically countless activities you can enjoy at Cypress Lakes once you purchase a high-quality manufactured home in our community and pay a low monthly home site lease fee. With numerous volunteer-run clubs and an on-site activities director, our clubhouse, golf course, and restaurant are always abuzz with things to do and new people to meet. To get an idea of the active Florida lifestyle you can enjoy at Cypress Lakes, check out our monthly newsletter.

Schedule a Visit

We’ll be happy to offer you a golf cart tour of our beautiful community the next time you’re visiting this part of Florida. Contact the Cypress Lakes Lifestyle Team today to schedule your visit.

Social Benefits of Playing Golf Lakeland

Do You Enjoy Golfing for the Love of the Game? Take Heart in the Many Social Benefits of Playing Golf, Too

Experts have long extolled the beneficial effects of playing golf on both the mind and body. The strategy and concentration required to play the game, for example, can improve mental acuity, and many golfers report that playing a few rounds is their favorite way to relieve stress and anxiety. What’s more, studies have shown that the physical activity required to play golf, especially if the player walks the course, has been associated with improved heart health. These are all great reasons for older adults to continue playing golf or take up the game in retirement. But have you thought about the many social benefits of playing golf, too?

At Cypress Lakes, a community in Lakeland, Florida, for active adults 55 and older, we make the most of our meticulously landscaped 36-hole golf course by structuring many social activities around golfing and the beautiful facilities we offer in support of the game. For example, we host the annual Pork Butt Open & Block Party at our golf course and Cypress Grill restaurant, as well as many other social events that celebrate the achievements and camaraderie of our members and guests on the golf course.

These social activities are especially important for older adults because they’ve been shown to help improve brain function and prevent or reduce the effects of depression.

Golf Is Just One of the Many Social Events We Offer at Cypress Lakes

In addition to the social events that are focused on our golf course, we also offer a wide variety of classes, get-togethers, and entertainment opportunities at our 30,000-square-foot clubhouse. Recently, these activities have included:

  • Cooking Class with Paul – Perfect the art of the perfect roasted chicken or try your hand at a spicy Pad Thai dish.
  • Learn About Your Garden – Find out why those perennials keep dying in the Florida sun and discover plants that will thrive in your garden.
  • The Match Game Night – Modeled after the popular TV game show, this live version will have you in fits of giggles, no question asked!

At Cypress Lakes, where we offer a generous array of resort-style amenities and high-quality manufactured homes, maintaining an active and socially connected lifestyle is surprisingly affordable. If you’re scouting for a place to call home in retirement, contact us today to schedule a visit so you can see everything we have to offer in lovely Lakeland, FL.

What to Look for When Touring a 55+ Community New Jersey

What New Jersey Residents Should Look for When Touring a 55+ Community in Florida

Many New Jersey residents decide to retire to Florida simply to get out of the snow, but there’s so much more to look for when you’re ready to choose a 55+ community to call home. Cypress Lakes in Lakeland, FL, is an active community for adults 55 and older that’s worth visiting in person before you decide. We offer high-quality manufactured homes in a gated neighborhood setting that includes a 36-hole golf course and an abundance of resort-style amenities. But we don’t stop there.

Unlike many other 55+ communities, we have a full-time activities director on staff. This ensures that our residents never run out of things to do. For example, we offer:

  • Group excursions to local winery, Keel & Curley for wine tasting flights
  • On-site classes, such as “Cooking Class with Paul” and a snake identification class conducted by “Snake Man” Jim Mendenhal
  • Movie nights, featuring recent releases like “12 Strong” and “Darkest Hour”
  • A weekly produce market with fresh fruits and veggies for sale, right at our community clubhouse

What’s more, our beautiful, award-winning golf course offers the perfect setting for events like the Pork Butt Open & Block Party. We’ll be happy to tell you more about the many activities we offer for residents when you tour our community, but in the meantime, check out our newsletter.

Other Things to Look for When You Schedule Your Tour

It’s a good idea to try to picture yourself living in any community you’re thinking of relocating to. At Cypress Lakes, many of the attractive manufactured homes we have for sale are loaded with luxury features, like vaulted ceilings and stone kitchen countertops. Yet they typically cost far less than a similar site-built home in a 55+ community. Then, when you buy one of these homes and make low monthly home site lease payments, you can enjoy the countless social activities made possible by our beautiful clubhouse and other facilities.

At Cypress Lakes, we take pride in making an active Florida lifestyle affordable for many older adults, even on a retirement budget. Contact us today to schedule your tour of our beautiful community the next time you’re visiting Florida from New Jersey.

Best Golf Communities to Retire in Florida

Why Cypress Lakes Is One of the Best Golf Communities to Retire to in Florida

How do you define the best golf communities to retire to in Florida? Obviously, you’re looking for a retirement community that offers plenty of opportunities for you to play golf. And Cypress Lakes, with its lovingly landscaped, 36-hole championship golf course, resident golf pro, golf shop, and restaurant, fits that definition to a tee. However, there are many additional factors to consider before you choose a golf community to call home.


For many older adults, finding an affordable way to enjoy all the activities they’ve been looking forward to in retirement has become a real concern. Cypress Lakes is a community for adults 55 and older that has found a way to make an active Florida lifestyle affordable for many people, even on a retirement budget. We offer safe, comfortable, and often even luxurious manufactured homes for sale in a gated neighborhood setting. These manufactured homes typically cost less than site-built homes in a similar setting. Then, for a low monthly home site lease payment, each of our residents can enjoy resort-style living with daily access to our showcase-worthy clubhouse complex, which includes:

  • Two heated pools and hot tubs
  • A 5,000-square-foot fitness center staffed with a personal trainer
  • A ballroom/auditorium that can seat hundreds of people
  • Game facilities for tennis, pickleball, bocce ball, shuffleboard, and horseshoes
  • And many other amenities to facilitate social events and informal gatherings


Another thing that makes Cypress Lakes one of the best golf communities to retire to is our ideal location in Lakeland, FL. We’re situated about halfway between Tampa and Orlando, two of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. And we make the most of our enviable location by scheduling group trips to beautiful beaches, historic sites, casinos, sporting events, arts festivals, and more. We also offer cooking, art, and exercise classes. With an activities director on staff and lots of friendly volunteers among our residents, there’s always something to do for everyone at Cypress Lakes.

To learn more about what makes Cypress Lakes one of the best golf communities to retire to in Florida, contact our Lifestyle Team today. We’ll be happy to schedule a community tour for you at your convenience.

Active Retirement Communities Lakeland FL

Why Cypress Lakes in Lakeland Is One of the Best Active Retirement Communities in Florida

At Cypress Lakes, when we say we offer adults 55 and older an active Florida lifestyle, we mean it! There’s practically no way to run out of things to do at this beautifully landscaped community of high-caliber manufactured homes located in Lakeland, FL, a charming city that’s conveniently located near some of the Sunshine State’s top tourist destinations.

However, our ideal location is only one of the many reasons Cypress Lakes stands out among active retirement communities. Our community features an award-winning, 36-hole championship golf course, which offers exciting play for golfers of all skill levels, as well as numerous opportunities to socialize with neighbors. What’s more, you don’t even have to play golf to enjoy the towering trees and abundance of wildlife that are a big part of our golf course community. Moreover, for nature lovers, there’s a wildlife preserve adjacent to our community that offers plenty of opportunities for quiet strolls, bird-watching expeditions, or other adventures in the great outdoors.

Resort-Style Amenities

Cypress Lakes is also a standout among active retirement communities because of the wealth of resort-style amenities our residents enjoy every day. When you purchase one of our lovely manufactured homes – many of which have luxury features like island kitchens and spa-like bathrooms – and pay a low monthly home site lease fee, you’ll be able to enjoy:

  • A spacious, multimillion-dollar clubhouse with meeting spaces large and small
  • A 5,000-square-foot fitness center staffed by a personal trainer
  • Two heated pools and hot tubs
  • Playing courts for tennis, pickleball, bocce ball, and shuffleboard
  • Horseshoe pits
  • And a bevy of daily activities facilitated by these upscale amenities

An Affordable Lifestyle

Our idyllic setting and practically unlimited number of activities are impressive, but perhaps the biggest reason Cypress Lakes is a top choice among Florida’s active retirement communities is its affordability. We invite you to see for yourself all the exciting things you’ll be able to enjoy at our beautiful community in Lakeland – even if you’re on a tight retirement budget. Contact us today to schedule a tour!

Golf Community Homes for Sale Central Florida

Looking for an Affordable 55+ Golf Community with Homes for Sale in Central Florida? Visit Cypress Lakes

For generations, the ideal image of retirement has revolved around abundant sunshine and the ability to play golf whenever the mood strikes. That’s one reason why Central Florida is peppered with golf course communities. However, in recent years, many older adults have begun to wonder if they’ll be able to find homes for sale in a golf course community without over-stretching their retirement savings.

Fortunately, Cypress Lakes in Lakeland, FL, has the perfect solution. Our gated community of top-tier manufactured homes features 36 holes of golf that appeal to beginners and advanced players alike. What’s more, our two championship courses meander through lush Florida landscaping that’s teeming with wildlife, providing our residents with inspiring vistas and opportunities to commune with nature whether they play golf or not.

All the Comforts of Home, Plus an Active Lifestyle

The attractive manufactured homes for sale at Cypress Lakes make living in a golf course community for active adults 55 and older an affordable option for many people on a retirement budget. The manufactured homes at Cypress Lakes are built to last, and many have the same luxury features you often find in today’s site-built homes, such as vaulted ceilings, walk-in closets, and spa-like master bathrooms. However, manufactured homes typically cost less than site-built homes, thus freeing up some of your resources to spend on the activities you enjoy. For example, when you buy a home at Cypress Lakes and make a low monthly home site lease payment, you’ll enjoy daily access to:

Our Multimillion-Dollar Clubhouse Complex

This huge complex includes:

  • A 5,000-square-foot fitness center
  • Two heated pools and spas
  • Numerous facilities for indoor and outdoor games
  • A large ballroom and other gathering spots

What’s more, we don’t stop at providing these resort-style amenities. Our staff includes an activities director, personal fitness trainer, and PGA golf professional – all delighted to help you make the most of your active retirement lifestyle at Cypress Lakes.

There’s plenty more to tell you about the affordable Central Florida lifestyle you can enjoy when you purchase one of the homes for sale in our beautiful golf community. Contact Cypress Lakes today for more information and to schedule a community tour.

Golf Course Florida

Whether You’re a Newbie or an Old Pro, Big Cypress Golf Course Will Suit You to a Tee

Are you scouting around for a new golf course to try? Would you like to join a golf club with a jam-packed calendar of events and members who build friendships around their love of the game? In either case, Big Cypress Golf Club at Cypress Lakes in Lakeland, FL, is worth looking into. Our 36-hole golf course sports a meticulously tended carpet of grass that’s dotted with glistening lakes and fringed by stately cypress and palm trees, and our greens boast the velvety allure of Diamond Zoysia.

However, the beauty of our golf course is hardly pin deep. We offer 18 holes that will challenge even the most experienced player, as well as another 18 that are perfect for players at the beginning and intermediate levels. We also offer a well-equipped pro shop and driving range, as well as practice facilities that include a sand bunker and putting green. Then, when it’s time to celebrate a great day out on the golf course, you can head to our delectable Big Cypress Grill, a popular gathering spot where players can enjoy great food and drinks after their game. 

What Are the Benefits of Joining a Golf Club?

When you become a member at Big Cypress Golf Club, you’ll be able to request a specific tee time up to 10 days prior to play, with actual times posted five days in advance. Golf membership basically entitles you to unlimited golf, as members are invited to play a quick nine holes after dinner or in the early evenings. Golf members also enjoy discounts on pro shop merchandise, use of the driving range, and guest rates. We also offer member-only events, such as championships and weekly association games, as well as special events that are open to members and their invited guests.

At Big Cypress Golf Club, we’re proud to say that many lasting friendships have been forged among members who got to know each other out on our golf course and through the events we organize throughout the year.

Contact Us Today to Learn More

We’ll be delighted to tell you more about our award-winning golf course, one of the best in Florida. Contact Big Cypress Golf Club today for details or to schedule a visit.