Mobile and Manufactured Homes

They are not the same.

Manufactured Housing has come a long way from the days of Mobile Homes. In fact, a mobile home has not been built since the late 1970’s. When referring to mobile homes today what people are usually referring to are the large recreational vehicles that are on a permanent chassis and can be driven or towed to great vacation experiences.

With the evolution of factory built homes (manufactured homes) the homes became wider, longer and multi sectioned, thereby making them more difficult to transport or relocate from site to site. The new Manufactured Homes are much more permanent in their site set up including the removal of axels, wheels and hitch.

Both mobile and manufactured homes begin their lives on the assembly line. However, the assembly process for them is quite different. Mobile homes are constructed entirely in-plant. The structure itself is built at the plant; from the exterior siding to the kitchen cabinetry, mobile homes are constructed on the assembly line, and arrive at the showroom mostly assembled and ready to drive or tow away.

Manufactured homes are partially constructed in a factory. The components that make up the basic construction are assembled then the pieces are taken to the home site and constructed upon a permanent foundation, similar to a site-built home.

One of the biggest differences is that a manufactured home is sold as real property while a mobile home is sold as a vehicle.