Bob & Pam Logan

After retiring early, we questioned whether living in Florida on a six month schedule would be right for us. In June 2004, we got in the car and headed south. We had our laptop with us and information on several communities. We had seen an advertisement for Blair Communities in the back of an AARP publication and contacted them for information on several of their communities.

We started in Ocala and headed toward Orlando and then toward Tampa. We looked at communities in the day, and checked out others in the area at night on the laptop.

We thought first of renting somewhere for the winter and then really checking communities more closely at that time. A lot of places only had older homes for sale and ‘old’ homes for rent. Somehow, winding through Central Florida, we found south Lakeland and several communities that were more of what we had in mind. We also came to the conclusion that it might be cheaper to buy rather than rent if we were going to be here six months.

After picking a home that had possibilities in South Lakeland, we decided to head to the north side and try to find Cypress Lakes. We found it and then turned in to check things out. When we turned and drove down through the entrance, our first reaction was “wow, can we afford this?” But, nothing ventured, nothing gained, so we headed for the Sales Office.

We met our Housing Consultant and asked, “Do you have new and resale homes and do we have to pay for golf if we don’t golf?” His answer was, “Yes and no.” He asked us what we wanted to see. We couldn’t believe how beautiful and well-kept everything was. We found a house and spent the weekend making the sale happen.

We feel we have the best of everything right here. The people of Cypress Lakes have become our family. After six months, we decided to go back and sell our house. Cypress Lakes is now our full time home. We couldn’t be happier.

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