Do You Enjoy Golfing for the Love of the Game? Take Heart in the Many Social Benefits of Playing Golf, Too

Experts have long extolled the beneficial effects of playing golf on both the mind and body. The strategy and concentration required to play the game, for example, can improve mental acuity, and many golfers report that playing a few rounds is their favorite way to relieve stress and anxiety. What’s more, studies have shown that the physical activity required to play golf, especially if the player walks the course, has been associated with improved heart health. These are all great reasons for older adults to continue playing golf or take up the game in retirement. But have you thought about the many social benefits of playing golf, too?

At Cypress Lakes, a community in Lakeland, Florida, for active adults 55 and older, we make the most of our meticulously landscaped 36-hole golf course by structuring many social activities around golfing and the beautiful facilities we offer in support of the game. For example, we host the annual Pork Butt Open & Block Party at our golf course and Cypress Grill restaurant, as well as many other social events that celebrate the achievements and camaraderie of our members and guests on the golf course.

These social activities are especially important for older adults because they’ve been shown to help improve brain function and prevent or reduce the effects of depression.

Golf Is Just One of the Many Social Events We Offer at Cypress Lakes

In addition to the social events that are focused on our golf course, we also offer a wide variety of classes, get-togethers, and entertainment opportunities at our 30,000-square-foot clubhouse. Recently, these activities have included:

  • Cooking Class with Paul – Perfect the art of the perfect roasted chicken or try your hand at a spicy Pad Thai dish.
  • Learn About Your Garden – Find out why those perennials keep dying in the Florida sun and discover plants that will thrive in your garden.
  • The Match Game Night – Modeled after the popular TV game show, this live version will have you in fits of giggles, no question asked!

At Cypress Lakes, where we offer a generous array of resort-style amenities and high-quality manufactured homes, maintaining an active and socially connected lifestyle is surprisingly affordable. If you’re scouting for a place to call home in retirement, contact us today to schedule a visit so you can see everything we have to offer in lovely Lakeland, FL.