What Is an Active Living Community?

What Is an Active Living Community?Generally speaking, people today are living longer than their forebears, giving rise to a wide variety of living arrangements for older adults. These options for retirement housing often go by different names, which can be confusing. One popular option is the active living community, also known as the active adult community or 55+ community. These communities have restrictions intended to ensure that the majority of residents are of retirement age, including early retirement at 55. Active living communities typically feature on-site amenities intended to foster a physically active and socially engaged lifestyle. As such, they’re recognized by federal law as serving an important purpose in catering to the needs of older adults.

How We Define Active Living at Cypress Lakes

Cypress Lakes is a 55+ community in Lakeland, Florida, where we take our mission to provide an active adult lifestyle quite seriously. We understand that loneliness and physical inactivity are two of the biggest threats to all of us as we age, and those concerns are compounded for people who choose to relocate from the Snowbelt to our active living community so they can enjoy all that Florida has to offer. That’s why we offer a plethora of resort-style amenities inside our gated community and an activities director on staff to help our residents stay active and develop the close friendships that are so important to healthy retirement living. Here are only a few of the ways you can enjoy an active Florida lifestyle when you relocate to Cypress Lakes:

  • Join your neighbors in our spacious banquet hall for an entertaining and educational program about venomous snakes by “Snake Man” Jim Mendenhal.
  • Sample some delectable barbecue with friends at the annual Pork Butt event.
  • Hit the links on our two beautiful golf courses as often as you want and participate in tournaments when you become a resident member of our Big Cypress Golf Club.

Would you like to explore everything that Cypress Lakes has to offer and decide if our active living community is right for you? We’ll be delighted to schedule a community tour for you the next time you’re visiting the Lakeland area. Contact us today to set it up.